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Who We Are

About Our Company

ATELIER DEVELOPMENT COMPANY is an architectural design, construction, and real estate development company - all under one roof and a one-stop service company.

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Curtis Ro, AIA


ATELIER DEVELOPMENT COMPANY is a collective of architects, designers, and creative thinkers dedicated to enhancing the human experience. The firm is a multi-disciplinary practice that includes architecture, landscape architecture, planning, environmental design, materials research, construction, and real estate development that produces innovative, sustainable iconic buildings and urban environments.


While the ATELIER DEVELOPMENT COMPANY team practices architecture with an extremely rigorous and exacting methodology, incorporating cross-discipline research and digital technologies, we remain open-minded, so that our work can adapt throughout the dynamic process of making places for people. Each project is designed to address our client’s needs, budget, and specific site conditions incorporating important global issues such as sustainability and digital fabrication.


Our Work - Over several decades of practice, ATELIER DEVELOPMENT COMPANY has completed in nearly every project type ranging from commercial, institutional, educational, governmental, and residential buildings. While many firms specialize in a single project type ATELIER DEVELOPMENT COMPANY has developed design expertise regardless of building type. We are known for ‘special’ and ‘unique’ buildings of various types. We have developed design expertise, and a methodology, regardless of building type. Approaching every project with fresh eyes, allows us to bring the best critical thinking to the table, often resulting in unique and appropriately suited solutions to old problems.  


Process - Our practice is grounded in the belief that clients' direct participation in our design process results in more meaningful and thoughtful buildings. Our process is open and fosters active client participation and the ability to make choices as the project develops. We seek, obtain and develop critical knowledge early in the concept design phase. This collaborative approach to design serves as the basis for all ATELIER DEVELOPMENT COMPANY projects.

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