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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


As an architectural and construction firm, we approach the design/build process as a unified team. Having the architect, contractor, and developer working together in the same office, we can easily optimize design, financing, and construction to fit your business.

Our closely-knit team of professionals, who have decades of project experience, is involved with every step of the project process from design to construction on commercial, industrial, educational and residential projects. This experienced team of architects and construction specialists is dedicated to outstanding, responsive client service.

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Architectural Design

ADC's principal is a licensed architect with more than 30 years of design experience who leads a staff of design professionals with decades of experience. Their projects include commercial, industrial, educational, religious, and residential facilities throughout Southern California. ADC specializes in working using design-build and design-bid-build project methodologies. Our comprehensive understanding of the construction process provides a distinct advantage over other design firms in developing design documentation.

Additionally, ADC and our engineering consultants have worked with various regulatory agencies. From their extensive project work, our consultants have established strong relationships with these agencies to obtain preliminary approvals at the beginning of any project.


Construction Servies

ADC is a licensed general contractor. Since the firm was founded in 2004, ADC's experience includes a full range of construction and construction management services on commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential projects. ADC's construction and construction management expertise complement its design work in many beneficial ways, including:

  • Better communication and project coordination among architects, engineers, and contractors, especially on complex and fast-track projects.

  • Better understanding by contractors of design documentation, generating fewer change orders.

  • Better understanding of costs and time frames to deliver projects on time and on budget consistently.

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Project Feasibility & Site Evaluation

ADC helps clients get their facility projects started by investigating and answering all the questions that must be addressed: costs, buying or leasing the property, the physical conditions of the property, local zoning restrictions, project size, constructability, permitting, and timeframes. Once these questions are thoroughly examined, the final question can then be determined: What is its value to the clients under their circumstances? ADC's project feasibility and site evaluation process facilitates confident decision-making objectively and logically.

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Facility Asset Management

ADC works with our clients to improve the efficient, effective, and sustainable stewardship of their facilities. We do this through using best practices of facility asset management, enhancing opportunities for property/facility development, and advising on current and future management issues. ADC facility management services include:

  • Examining and understanding building systems, costs, and budgets.

  • Determining the present condition of the facilities and related maintenance issues.

  • Prioritizing operational needs that work within budgets.

  • Establishing benchmarks for operational and maintenance planning and execution.

  • Developing a staffing or contracting plan to align with facility goals and costs.

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